Over the years, we have seen many donations to orphanages in the capital City and of course this is a laudable deed that we must encourage but also, can we expand it beyond Accra to towns and villages where they barely get any form of support and would very much appreciate the least?


I had the opportunity to visit the Hour of Grace Children's Home, Huhunya in the Eastern Region and I was saddened to know that there are children who do not brush in the morning not because they don’t want to, but they actually do not have the means. They barely have food to eat on a daily basis and rarely get any kind of support.


For this reason, BeLCare Foundation is reaching out to interact with the lovely kids and donate items for their upkeep on 11th June, 2017. You can also support by reaching us on 0244 701 007 to donate your cash or kind.


Let’s keep in mind that what we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; but what we do for others and the world is what makes the difference. Thanks




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