BeLCare Foundation is a social enterprise established based on the strong believe that young girls must have equitable access to quality education to significantly improve their living standards and also, enable them to contribute to solving societal problems.



✓ To reduce child marriage and teenage pregnancy in the community.

✓ To give everychild the opportunity to access quality education.

✓ To create change and support the needs of the most vulnerable adolescent girls in the community.

✓ To educate people on safe sex, dangers of skin bleaching and the importance of adapting a good and healthy lifestyle.





Girl Child Education

Currently, the BeLCare Foundation has enrolled 16 girls in schools to give them competitive advantage in life.


Mzbel Mobile Clinic (Annual Charity Event)

• Free Doctor Consultation • Free Eye Clinic

• Free EnT Clinic

• Free BMI Check

• Free Malaria / Sugar Test

• Free Pharmacy

• Giveaways (Food, Drinks, Clothing & Footwears)



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