Clean The Borla

As part of government’s declaration of the ‘National Sanitation Day’, where we’re all expected to clean our environment on the first Saturday of every month, #CleanTheBorla Campaign sponsored by the local government was initiated as a result of Mzbel’s song titled “Clean The Borla” to sensitize people and boost their interest in keeping the surroundings tidy.



The project theme song “Clean The Borla” focuses on educating the public on the need to reduce or avoid all forms of pollution, stop open defecation, littering and other anti-environment activities. This is because an unclean environment leads to unfavourable consequences such as bad condition of the society, outbreak of diseases and many more.


Poor sanitation costs Ghana about GH¢420 million in excess and this is equivalent to about 1.6% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). With the ever increasing use of technology and industrial operations in the country, the amount of pollution in our environment is growing at a rapid pace. Water pollution and littering around are seen to be two of the main causes of the environment being dirty. People often throw litter anywhere instead of throwing it in dustbins. This way, the litter slowly accumulates into huge garbage. If this garbage is not cleaned over a period of time, it stinks and often leads to the outbreak of diseases affecting the people who live in such communities.


One year down the line, reports indicate that the number of people who partake in the ‘National Sanitation Day’ exercise has reduced with a significant decrease in the commitment and interest level. Keeping the environment clean is our responsibility and should be a very important part of our lives. #CleanTheBorla Campaign puts emphasis on the importance of preserving the environment for future generations.



Let’s all contribute to eliminate the myriad of issues associated with sanitation in Ghana! #CleanTheBorla Campaign is supported by Zoom Lion and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly.



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