Say no to Illegal Connection

Long before I could purchase a standby generator, like many a Ghanaian, my family and I were not spared the dreadful moments of having to live our lives without electricity. I recall with vivid precision the sweaty nights, the many hours of wait time just so we could keep our phones plugged in.


For a single parent of four, who operates from a home office, the loss of business became imminent. Day in day out, I joined the bandwagon of lamenting Ghanaians, heaping insults and hurling accusations at the men and women at the helm of affairs, blaming them as the only source of all our woes. Never for once did I consider the role our attitudes and actions have played in bringing us thus far.


There were the days when I felt I could strangle whoever kept the ‘dumsor’ schedule. I was not any different from the many a decent serial caller that vents his/her frustration over the airwaves, seeking answers to questions that might take more than authority to answer.


As a musician blessed with the talent of a voice, I felt I should be that of the people. However as an artiste committed to the ideals of resourceful music that drives change, I sat asking and thinking through what we all could do, to help salvage the ailing power industry on the back of art.


My initial thoughts revolved around a song that could drive the attitudinal change I sought to achieve. I set out to research on areas of key concern to the sector, finding solutions that consumers and the ordinary citizen could help implement in ending the shameful power crises that has gripped the nation.


In my quest and after several interactions with though and industry leaders, it came to my attention that a song in itself was not enough. I realized it would take a well-coordinated effort that certainly revolves around music, but branches out to employ social engagements in the form of concerts, internet based engagements, media interactions etc.


After haven been educated by the experts in the field I found out that, by eliminating illegal connections alone, we could save the country a great deal of money, enough to be ploughed back into the necessary infrastructure.

I don’t believe it is fair that while others spend their hard earned money paying bills, some bad elements seek to enjoy it at no expense. I strongly believe you share my sentiments in this regard. This forms the crust of my campaign, to educate people on the need to shun illegal connections, which have been the bane of the power sector.


I personally invite you to be a part of my campaign to root out illegal connections in the power sector from our society. A collective effort, with the support of industry players will go a long way to help revive the nation’s power sector.

Join us #SayNotoILLEGALConnections when the train pulls up in your city or community, with resource persons to educate us all on why and how such theft can be curtailed. It will definitely be fun, as we entertain and educate ourselves.

Join the active social media campaign using same hashtag, in the end, I agree that Good Music, definitely does good. SHARE IT!


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