MZBEL ROCKZ is an annual charity event organized by Mzbel Music on the 1st of May with the significant aim of reaching out to the Jamestown community, where Mzbel spent her formative years. The event is segmented into two main sections;




Focusing on health and lifestyle in the Jamestown community, Mzbel Music in partnership with reputable institutions facilitate a 1 day Free Medical Screening Camp to check the health status of community members. Aside the screening process, this activity serves as a knowledge sharing forum to educate the people on the importance of adapting a good and healthy lifestyle. Participants also receive packaged products which usually include sanitary products, food and diary items from sponsors and donors.





In the evening of the same day, Mzbel in collaboration with other prominent musicians stage a free concert to entertain the people of Jamestown with music, comedy and other exciting activities. This affords the people of Jamestown the opportunity to have a first-hand interaction with celebrities and popular figures.





We believe that this is a viable cause that must be sustained through strategic collaborations and profitable partnerships. Contact us to become a partner today!




You can support this annual charity event through financial assistance, material and equipment support towards projects and activities. Products donated by organisations will be solely distributed to members of the James town community.





Mzbel Rockz Concert goes to Bukom

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