Mzbel Receives money from VRA to support Dumsor Campaign

Mzbel is a Ghanian musician who has been in the news in an exclusive interview.  She granted the Ghanagist tv has been given a hidden amount of money by the Volta River Authority (VRA).


Mzbel write in her post, according to this post that by the artist on her Instagram page, that the money is the most important part of the organization’s role in helping her embark on her Help Stop Dumsor Project.


About seven months before, Mzbel released released a new song produced by Fimfim,  the song titled is Dumsor and since then, she has made it a point to educate people on the need to reserve energy and their role in restricting the Ghana’s power crisis.


Since 2012, Ghana has experienced irregular power supply and the government hasn’t been capable to find a solution to it. There have been a lot of promises, but not any has seen the light of day.


The Volta River Authority (VRA), is an electric power utility corporation established in 196. The primary functions include the generation of electric power.


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